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Policies and Procedures

ISP Policies

In addition to the Arts and Sciences and University policies, which apply to the ISP students as well, there are several policies within the program itself:

  • When a new student arrives, the student is assigned space in office 5108 SENSQ. As the student finds an advisor and starts working on projects, he/she usually moves to other labs designated for that faculty.

  • The progress of all ISP students is reviewed and mailed to the students in the fall of every year.

  • ISP students are eligible to apply for a limited amount of conference travel funds each year. To find out more, refer to the section on financial aid and travel grants on this page.

  • Every ISP student is expected to maintain a website listing their current contact information, publications and current research. They are also responsible for ensuring that the website is linked from the ISP Student Directory.

Financial Aid and Travel Grants

While you are an gradute student in the ISP, there are several possibilities to obtain financial aid, and additional opportunities for financial assistance through Arts & Sciences.

In addition to financial assistance, you are encouraged to apply for travel-expenses reimbursement for AI-related conferences.

University Policies

General information about graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh are posted at More specific, information about graduate studies in the School of Arts and Science is posted at Among others, this site contains information regarding admissions, financial aid, student services, dissertation and thesis, policies and regulations, and life in Pittsburgh.

School of Arts and Sciences Policies

The Intelligent Systems Program is one of the programs within the School of Arts and Sciences (A&S). General information regarding graduate studies at the A&S can be found on

The Graduate Arts and Sciences Bulletin serves as a guide for A&S students, containing useful information about departments, admissions, registration, tuition and fees, student services, degree regulations, and general policies. As the online bulletin was posted in September 1999, please use the most recent printed bulletin as the official version.


Check here for the basic milestones of the ISP.

Software Packages and Toolboxes

There are a lot of AI packages and toolboxes that are available for free and which may be used for non-commercial development. This list was created by the ISP students, so if you have a good suggestion, please send an e-mail to the webmaster.

However, many excellent tools are not free. Fortunately, some of them are either licensed by the University or by the ISP, and you can use them for free or pay just a small fee.

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