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Topics in Intelligent Systems

ISSP 2020-2030 is a fall-spring course sequence, one credit per semester. It is required of all first-year ISP students. It is based on the ISP bi-weekly forum talks. A forum session typically consists of two research talks given by ISP faculty, ISP students, or guest speakers. Students enrolled in ISSP 2020 or ISSP 2030 are required to attend all but two forum sessions per semester, and should attend all talks in a given session. ISSP 2020 and 2030 students are required to write a 1-page paper about each talk attended, stating what they found to be most interesting about the talk and why. The papers should be mailed to the course-coordinators within a week of the talk. For ISSP 2020, taken during the fall term, students should identify a topic of interest, related to at least one of the talks, and find an appropriate and willing ISP faculty member to be their project advisor. They should develop a project proposal, with input from their project advisor. Typically, a project should be a literature review or a well circumscribed pilot study. Proposals should be submitted to the course coordinators for their approval by the end of the term. Note that ISP students participating in INFSCI 3005 fulfill the 2020 requirements through the INFSCI course coordinator.

permission of instructor.
This course is usually offered in the fall term.
Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019

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