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Foundations of Cognitive Psychology (PSY 2410)

This course will introduce core issues, theories, and experimental findings in cognitive psychology. Topics to be covered in clude history of cognitive psychology, sensory perception, attention, memory, imagery, language, reasoning, learning and expertise, problem solving, decision making, and individual differences in cognition. The goal is to understand foundational theories and issues as well as the research methods used in this area. In other words, how human cognition can be studied scientifically, and why the results of experimental investigations support particular theories.

This is meant to be a fast-moving course for students with considerable psychology background but not necessarily any computer science or other experience with formalisms. Howard Gardner's book, The Mind's New Science, is a good approximation to a syllabus for the course, but a number of original-source readings will be used.
Fall 2014, Fall 2015

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