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Provost Predoctoral Fellowships

Two ISP students won the Provost Predoctoral Fellowships for 2020-2021:

The Provost Predoctoral Fellowships are offered by the University of Pittsburgh to students in many graduate programs. Typically, ISP students are nominated to apply for the Provost Predoctoral Fellowships after their second year of graduate study. 

Congratulations to Profs. Diane Litman and Maria Chikina for winning the Provost Faculty Awards.

Our ISP faculties, Drs. Litman and Chikina have received two of the 2020 Provost Faculty Awards. Congratulations to Dr. Litman on her Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring and Dr. Chikina for her Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award. (

Congratulations to ISP Alumnus Prof. Vincent Aleven on receiving LRDC's distinguished alumni award.

Vincent Aleven received the LRDC's 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award, and presented his research on AI used in classrooms. Here is the link for his full speech:

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Ashley and Jaromir Savelka for winning the Jurix 2019 Best Student Paper Awards.

Jurix 2019 was the 32nd International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems which was held in Spain this December. Congratulation to our ISP faculty, Dr. Kevin Ashley, and ISP student, Jaromir Savelka, for winning the Best Student Award in this conference for their paper 'Computer-Assisted Creation of Boolean Search Rules for Text Classification in the Legal Domain'. 

What Will the 2020s Bring for AI?

Check this interesting interview with two of our ISP faculties Dr. Ervin Sejdic and Dr. Diane Litman on Pittwire:

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