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Provost Predoctoral Fellowships

Two ISP students won the Provost Predoctoral Fellowships for 2019-2020:

The Provost Predoctoral Fellowships are offered by the University of Pittsburgh to students in many graduate programs. Typically, ISP students are nominated to apply for the Provost Predoctoral Fellowships after their second year of graduate study. 

Meet incoming ISP student Anthony Sicilia

Meet incoming ISP Student Anthony Sicilia presenting his work at an ongoing event @theACC meeting of Minds. Anthony will be joining ISP this fall and is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Basket Ball.

If you are attending the @theACC meeting of the minds for undergraduate research make sure to stop by Anthony's ( @asicil96 ) timely #MarchMadness talk about #DeepLearning and #basketball representing @SciPitt @PittTweet #DeepHoops details of the same can be found in this paper:

More information about the event and talk at:
Congratulations ISP Faculty for receiving AMiner's Most Influential Scholar Award!

Congratulations ISP Faculty Prof. Peter Brusilovsky for receiving AMiner's Most Influential Scholar Award! His contributions on the subject of recommender systems have been recognized as some of the most-cited research in the field.
"Top 10 Most Influential Scholars - Recommendation System Field"

A tribute to Prof. Jan Wiebe from her NLP family

A tribute to Prof. Jan Wiebe from her NLP family - NAACL-HLT 2019

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Congratulations to ISP Faculty Dr. Kovashka for Amazon Research Award

Congratulations to ISP Faculty Adriana Kovashka on being selected for an Amazon Research Award! Her proposal "Functional objects: How objects foreshadow film plots and explain advertisements" has been chosen to receive funding.

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