University of Pittsburgh

Detecting and Characterizing Influential Users in Facebook Groups

Friday, April 14, 2017 - 12:30pm - 1:00pm

Understanding communication patterns within specific facebook groups are important to understand the characteristics which group leader and other influential users play in group communication and activity. In this work, we have not only build a network of how the users within each group are connected but also a profile of the types of activities and characteristics (posting, replying, reacting, as well as administrator status and post time and frequency) that the most central members of each group exhibit. Our overall goal is to be able to say: people who exhibit X behavior, or have Y types of connections are more likely to be influential within a group (or, if you want to influence a group on facebook, you need to exhibit these types of behaviors). For this study, we have collected data from  highly active groups in three subject areas we have identified (mental health, computer learning, knitting).

This is an ongoing project as a part of social computing course which is done together with Sarah Hackney (1st year Ph.D. Student) and Jing Han ( 1st year Masters Student - Jing Han). 

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