University of Pittsburgh


Ai, Hua
Consultant at Slalom Consulting

Degree: Ph.D.

Hua Ai's Web site

Akkaya, Cem
Sr. Research Scientist at Yahoo

Cem Akkaya's Web site

Albacete, Patricia
Research Associate

Degree: Ph.D.

Patricia Albacete's Web site

Amizadeh, Saeed
Machine Learning Scientist, Microsoft

Degree: Ph.D.

Saeed Amizadeh's Web site

Ananthasubramanian, Seshan
Quantitative Analyst, Google

Degree: M.S.

Seshan Ananthasubramanian's Web site

Aronis, John
Lecturer in Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh.

Degree: Ph.D.

John Aronis's Web site

Blumenfeld, Barry
Senior Physician Informaticist

Barry Blumenfeld's Web site

Carenini, Giuseppe
Associate Professor in Computer Science Department, University of British Columbia.

Degree: Ph.D.

Giuseppe Carenini's Web site

Casner, Steve
Research Psychologist at NASA

Degree: Ph.D.

Steve Casner's Web site

Cavalli-Sforza, Violetta
Assistant Professor, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

Degree: Ph.D.

Violetta Cavalli-Sforza's Web site

Chi, Min
Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University

Degree: Ph.D.

Min Chi's Web site

Citro, Gil

Degree: Ph.D.

Gil Citro's Web site

Conati, Cristina
Professor in Computer Science Department and Laboratory for Computational Intelligence, University of British Columbia.

Degree: Ph.D.

Cristina Conati's Web site

Dash, Denver
Director, Gesture Recognition, Magic Leap

Degree: Ph.D.

Denver Dash's Web site

DeCillis, Arthur

Degree: M.S.

Arthur DeCillis's Web site

Deng, Lingjia
NLP Research Scientist

Lingjia Deng's Web site

Desai, Ravi
Manager, Oleoline

Degree: M.S.

Ravi Desai's Web site

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