University of Pittsburgh


Desai, Ravi
Manager, Oleoline

Degree: M.S.

Ravi Desai's Web site

Desjardins, Benoit
Assoicate Professor of Radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Benoit Desjardins's Web site

Espino, Jeremy
Senior Research Scientist

Degree: M.S.

Jeremy Espino's Web site

Farzan, Rosta
Assistant Professor, School of Information Science, University of Pittsburgh

Degree: Ph.D.

Rosta Farzan's Web site

Freeman, Donald
Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

Donald Freeman's Web site

Ganchev, Philip
Senior Software Engineer

Degree: Ph.D.

Philip Ganchev's Web site

Goldin, Ilya
Principal Data Scientist

Degree: Ph.D.

Ilya Goldin's Web site

Han, Teng
Phd Student

Teng Han's Web site

Harris, Anthony
Physician specializing in Neurological Surgery, MultiCare

Degree: Ph.D.

Anthony Harris's Web site

Hernandez, Gerardina

Degree: Ph.D.

Gerardina Hernandez's Web site

Hogan, William

Degree: M.S.

William Hogan's Web site

Jordan, Pam
Research Associate

Degree: Ph.D.

Pam Jordan's Web site

Joslin, David

Degree: Ph.D.

David Joslin's Web site

Jung, Sung-Young

Degree: Ph.D.

Sung-Young Jung's Web site

Katibshahidi, Anoosh (Anooshiravan)

Anoosh (Anooshiravan) Katibshahidi's Web site

Kayaalp, Mehmet
Staff Scientist

Degree: Ph.D.

Mehmet Kayaalp's Web site

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