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          Journal Publications :

  • Relational social recommendation: Application to the academic domain [Link]
    S. Amal, C. Tsai, P. Brusilovsky, T. Kuflik, E. Minkov 
    Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 124, pages 182-195, 2019
  • Bayesian Networks for Risk Prediction Using Real-World Data: A Tool for Precision Medicine [Link]
    P. Arora, D. Boyne, J. Slater, A. Gupta, D. Brenner, M. Druzdzel 
    Value in Health, 2019
  • An argument for reporting data standardization procedures in multi-site predictive modeling: case study on the impact of LOINC standardization on model performance [EPrint] [Link]
    A. Barda, V. Ruiz, T. Gigliotti, F. Tsui 
    JAMIA Open, Volume 2, pages 197-204, 2019
  • Analytical assessment of course sequencing: The case of methodological courses in psychology. [EPrint] [Link]
    L. Betancur, B. Rottman, E. Votruba-Drzal, C. Schunn 
    Journal of Educational Psychology, Volume 111, pages 91, 2019
  • Improving Hindi decoding skills via a mobile game [Link]
    A. Bhide, W. Luo, N. Vijay, C. Perfetti, J. Wang, A. Maries, S. Nag 
    Reading and Writing, pages 1-30, 2019
  • IntersectionExplorer, a multi-perspective approach for exploring recommendations [Link]
    B. Cardoso, G. Sedrakyan, F. Gutiérrez, D. Parra, P. Brusilovsky, K. Verbert 
    , 2019 Academic Press
  • Differentiating axillary lymph node metastasis in invasive breast cancer patients: A comparison of radiomic signatures from multiparametric breast MR sequences [Link]
    R. Chai, H. Ma, M. Xu, D. Arefan, X. Cui, Y. Liu, L. Zhang, S. Wu, K. Xu 
    Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2019
  • Learning facial action units with spatiotemporal cues and multi-label sampling [EPrint] [Link]
    W. Chu, F. Torre, J. Cohn 
    Image and vision computing, Volume 81, pages 1-14, 2019
  • Quality of Peer Feedback in Relation to Instructional Design: A Comparative Study in Energy and Sustainability MOOCs. [EPrint] [Link]
    J. Elizondo-Garcia, C. Schunn, K. Gallardo 
    International Journal of Instruction, Volume 12, pages 1025-1040, 2019
  • Activism via attention: interpretable spatiotemporal learning to forecast protest activities [EPrint] [Link]
    A. Ertugrul, Y. Lin, W. Chung, M. Yan, A. Li 
    EPJ Data Science, Volume 8, pages 5, 2019
  • Following Others through an Information Maze: The Impact of Social Navigation on Information Seeking Behavior [Link]
    R. Farzan, P. Brusilovsky 
    International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, pages 81-92, 2019
  • The alignment of written peer feedback with draft problems and its impact on revision in peer assessment [Link]
    Y. Gao, C. Schunn, Q. Yu 
    Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, Volume 44, pages 294-308, 2019
  • Dynamics of Face and Head Movement in Infants with and without Craniofacial Microsomia: An Automatic Approach [EPrint] [Link]
    Z. Hammal, E. Wallace, M. Speltz, C. Heike, C. Birgfeld, J. Cohn 
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open, Volume 7, 2019
  • A clinical decision support system learned from data to personalize treatment recommendations towards preventing breast cancer metastasis [EPrint] [Link]
    X. Jiang, A. Wells, A. Brufsky, R. Neapolitan 
    PloS one, Volume 14, pages e0213292, 2019
  • Derivation of a Bayesian Network Model from an Existing Risk Score Calculator for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension [Link]
    J. Kraisangka, L. Lohmueller, M. Kanwar, C. Zhao, M. Druzdzel, J. Antaki, M. Simon, R. Benza 
    The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, Volume 38, pages S487-S488, 2019
  • The first impression of conference papers: Does it matter in predicting future citations? [EPrint] [Link]
    D. Lee, P. Brusilovsky 
    Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Volume 70, pages 83-95, 2019
  • NADPH oxidase 2 inhibitors CPP11G and CPP11H attenuate endothelial cell inflammation & vessel dysfunction and restore mouse hind-limb flow [EPrint] [Link]
    Y. Li, E. Cifuentes-Pagano, E. DeVallance, D. Jesus, S. Sahoo, D. Meijles, D. Koes, C. Camacho, M. Ross, C. Croix, P. Pagano 
    Redox biology, Volume 22, pages 101143, 2019
  • Tag-based information access in image collections: insights from log and eye-gaze analyses [EPrint] [Link]
    Y. Lin, D. Parra, C. Trattner, P. Brusilovsky 
    Knowledge and Information Systems, pages 1-28, 2019
  • Breast cancer molecular subtype prediction by mammographic radiomic features [Link]
    W. Ma, Y. Zhao, Y. Ji, X. Guo, X. Jian, P. Liu, S. Wu 
    Academic radiology, Volume 26, pages 196-201, 2019
  • Editorial of Special Issue on Human Behaviour Analysis “In-the-Wild” [EPrint] [Link]
    M. Nicolaou, S. Zafeiriou, I. Kotsia, G. Zhao, J. Cohn 
    IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, Volume 10, pages 4-6, 2019
  • Application of Bayesian network modeling to pathology informatics [EPrint] [Link]
    A. Onisko, M. Druzdzel, R. Austin 
    Diagnostic cytopathology, Volume 47, pages 41-47, 2019
  • Bayesian network-based framework for exposure-response study design and interpretation [EPrint] [Link]
    N. Orak, M. Small, M. Druzdzel 
    Environmental Health, Volume 18, pages 23, 2019
  • Multi-database study of multiple sclerosis: identification, validation and description of MS patients in two countries [EPrint] [Link]
    R. Persson, S. Lee, M. Yood, M. Wagner, N. Minton, S. Niemcryk, A. Lindholm, A. Evans, S. Jick 
    Journal of neurology, pages 1-12, 2019
  • AttentiveVideo: A Multimodal Approach to Quantify Emotional Responses to Mobile Advertisements [EPrint] [Link]
    P. Pham, J. Wang 
    ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), Volume 9, pages 8, 2019
  • Evolutionary rate covariation analysis of E-cadherin identifies Raskol as a regulator of cell adhesion and actin dynamics in Drosophila [EPrint] [Link]
    Q. Raza, J. Choi, Y. Li, R. O’Dowd, S. Watkins, M. Chikina, Y. Hong, N. Clark, A. Kwiatkowski 
    PLoS genetics, Volume 15, pages e1007720, 2019
  • Early Prediction of Critical Events for Infants with Single Ventricle Physiology in Critical Care Using Routinely Collected Data [Link]
    V. Ruiz, L. Saenz, A. Lopez-Magallon, A. Shields, H. Ogoe, S. Suresh, R. Munoz, F. Tsui 
    The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2019
  • Adaptive plasticity of IL-10+ and IL-35+ T reg cells cooperatively promotes tumor T cell exhaustion [Link]
    D. Sawant, H. Yano, M. Chikina, Q. Zhang, M. Liao, C. Liu, D. Callahan, Z. Sun, T. Sun, T. Tabib, A. Pennathur, D. Corry, J. Luketich, R. Lafyatis, W. Chen, A. Poholek, T. Bruno, C. Workman, D. Vignali 
    Nature immunology, pages 1, 2019
  • The triple variable index combines information generated over time from common monitoring variables to identify patients expressing distinct patterns of intraoperative physiology [EPrint] [Link]
    M. Schnetz, H. Hochheiser, D. Danks, D. Landsittel, K. Vogt, J. Ibinson, S. Whitehurst, S. McDermott, M. Duque, A. Kaynar 
    BMC medical research methodology, Volume 19, pages 17, 2019
  • Convolutional neural network scoring and minimization in the D3R 2017 community challenge [Link]
    J. Sunseri, J. King, P. Francoeur, D. Koes 
    Journal of computer-aided molecular design, Volume 33, pages 19-34, 2019
  • Social media discussions provide new insight about perceptions of hydroxyurea in the sickle cell community [Link]
    A. Walker, L. Gaydos, R. Farzan, L. Castro, C. Jonassaint 
    American journal of hematology, 2019
  • Redesigning flipped classrooms: a learning model and its effects on student perceptions [Link]
    Y. Wang, X. Huang, C. Schunn, Y. Zou, W. Ai 
    Higher Education, pages 1-18, 2019
  • Teachers’ goals predict computational thinking gains in robotics [Link]
    E. Witherspoon, C. Schunn 
    Information and Learning Sciences, 2019
  • Multi‐domain features for reducing false positives in automated detection of clustered microcalcifications in digital breast tomosynthesis [EPrint] [Link]
    F. Zhang, S. Wu, C. Zhang, Q. Chen, X. Yang, K. Jiang, J. Zheng 
    Medical physics, Volume 46, pages 1300-1308, 2019


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         Conference & Workshop Publications :

  • Enhancing explainability of social recommendation using 2D graphs and word cloud visualizations [Link]
    S. Amal, M. Adam, P. Brusilovsky, E. Minkov, T. Kuflik 
    , 2019 ACM
  • Multi-space-enabled deep learning of breast tumors improves prediction of distant recurrence risk [Link]
    D. Arefan, B. Zheng, D. Dabbs, R. Bhargava, S. Wu 
    Medical Imaging 2019: Imaging Informatics for Healthcare, Research, and Applications, Volume 10954, pages 109540L, 2019
  • Making Educational Recommendations Transparent through a Fine-Grained Open Learner Model [EPrint] [Link]
    J. Barria-Pineda, P. Brusilovsky 
  • Explaining educational recommendations through a concept-level knowledge visualization [Link]
    J. Barria-Pineda, P. Brusilovsky 
    , 2019 ACM
  • Gene Co-expression Networks Analysis Reveal Novel Molecular Endotypes in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency [EPrint] [Link]
    J. Chu, W. Zang 
  • Deep learning for identifying breast cancer malignancy and false recalls: a robustness study on training strategy [Link]
    K. Clancy, L. Zhang, A. Mohamed, S. Aboutalib, W. Berg, S. Wu 
    Medical Imaging 2019: Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Volume 10950, pages 1095005, 2019
  • Computational Technologies for Drug Discovery [Link]
    W. Cornell, K. Cooper, E. Pyzer-Knapp, D. Koes, B. Acun, D. Hardy, L. Kale, K. Li, J. Phillips, J. Stone, F. Zipoli, M. Hijazi, R. Petraglia, V. Weber, T. Laino, Y. Cao, J. Romero, A. Aspuru-Guzik 
  • A data interpretation approach for deep learning-based prediction models [Link]
    S. Dadsetan, S. Wu 
    Medical Imaging 2019: Imaging Informatics for Healthcare, Research, and Applications, Volume 10954, pages 109540M, 2019
  • Visualizing Uncertainty and Alternatives in Event Sequence Predictions [EPrint] [Link]
    S. Guo, F. Du, S. Malik, E. Koh, S. Kim, Z. Liu, D. Kim, H. Zha, N. Cao, S. Murugesan, T. Lai, C. Plaisant, N. Spring, B. Shneiderman, Y. Lin, P. Xu, H. Tong, J. Zhao, M. Monroe, E. Onukwugha, ... ,  
  • A Generalized Idiom Usage Recognition Model based on Semantic Compatibility [EPrint] [Link]
    C. Liu, R. Hwa 
  • Deep learning of sub-regional breast parenchyma in mammograms for localized breast cancer risk prediction [Link]
    G. Nebbia, A. Mohamed, R. Chai, B. Zheng, M. Zuley, S. Wu 
    Medical Imaging 2019: Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Volume 10950, pages 109502P, 2019
  • Stress-Log: An IoT-based Smart System to Monitor Stress-Eating [EPrint] [Link]
    L. Rachakonda, A. Kothari, S. Mohanty, E. Kougianos, M. Ganapathiraju 
    , 2019 IEEE
  • User-controlled hybrid recommendation for academic papers [Link]
    B. Rahdari, P. Brusilovsky 
    , 2019 ACM
  • Comprehension Factor Analysis: Modeling student's reading behaviour: Accounting for reading practice in predicting students' learning in MOOCs [Link]
    K. Thaker, P. Carvalho, K. Koedinger 
    , 2019 ACM
  • Explaining recommendations in an interactive hybrid social recommender [Link]
    C. Tsai, P. Brusilovsky 
    , ACM, 2019
  • Designing Explanation Interfaces for Transparency and Beyond [EPrint] [Link]
    C. Tsai, P. Brusilovsky 
  • Evaluating visual analytics for health informatics applications: a systematic review from the American Medical Informatics Association Visual Analytics Working Group Task Force … [Link]
    D. Wu, A. Chen, J. Manning, G. Levy-Fix, U. Backonja, D. Borland, J. Caban, D. Dowding, H. Hochheiser, V. Kagan, S. Kandaswamy, M. Kumar, A. Nunez, E. Pan, D. Gotz 
    , Oxford University Press, 2019
  • Challenges and Supports for Accessing Open Government Datasets: Data Guide for Better Open Data Access and Uses [EPrint] [Link]
    F. Xiao, D. He, Y. Chi, W. Jeng, C. Tomer 
    , 2019 ACM
  • Automated deep-learning method for whole-breast segmentation in diffusion-weighted breast MRI [Link]
    L. Zhang, R. Chai, A. Mohamed, B. Zheng, Z. Luo, S. Wu 
    Medical Imaging 2019: Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Volume 10950, pages 109502R, 2019
  • Deep-learning method for tumor segmentation in breast DCE-MRI [Link]
    L. Zhang, Z. Luo, R. Chai, D. Arefan, J. Sumkin, S. Wu 
    Medical Imaging 2019: Imaging Informatics for Healthcare, Research, and Applications, Volume 10954, pages 109540F, 2019


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         Books :

  • Hidden Bias in the DUD-E Dataset Leads to Misleading Performance of Deep Learning in Structure-Based Virtual Screening [EPrint] [Link]
    L. Chen, A. Cruz, S. Ramsey, C. Dickson, J. Duca, V. Hornak, D. Koes, T. Kurtzman 
  • Exploring User-Controlled Hybrid Recommendation in Conference Contexts [EPrint] [Link]
    C. Tsai, P. Brusilovsky, B. Rahdari 
    , 2019 ESIDA


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         Pre-prints/ArXiv :

  • Measuring Effectiveness of Video Advertisements [EPrint] [Link]
    J. Hahn, A. Kovashka 
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.07366, 2019
  • Generative-Discriminative Complementary Learning [EPrint] [Link]
    Y. Xu, M. Gong, J. Chen, T. Liu, K. Zhang, K. Batmanghelich 
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.01612, 2019
  • Robust Angular Local Descriptor Learning [EPrint] [Link]
    Y. Xu, M. Gong, T. Liu, K. Batmanghelich, C. Wang 
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.07076, 2019


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         In Collection / In Book :

  • Affective facial computing: Generalizability across domains [Link]
    J. Cohn, I. Ertugrul, W. Chu, J. Girard, L. Jeni, Z. Hammal 
    Academic Press, 2019


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         Thesis :

  • Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment in Multi-party Spoken Dialogues: Does Simple Averaging Extend Existing Pair Measures Properly? [EPrint] [Link]
    Z. Rahimi, D. Litman, S. Paletz 
    Ph.D thesis: , 2019
  • Transfer Learning for Bayesian Case Detection Systems [EPrint] [Link]
    Y. Ye 
    Ph.D thesis: , 2019

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