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Graduate Student Handbook

This webpage describes the rules, requirements, and responsibilities of graduate students during their residency in the Intelligent Systems Program at the University of Pittsburgh. It is assumed that all students in Intelligent Systems Program are familiar with the material in this webpage and agree to abide by the rules, requirements, and responsibilities as set forth below.

1. Policies

a.    ISP policies

b.    Course requirements 

c.    School of Computing and Information policies

c.    University policies

2. Degree requirement

2.1 MS Degree requirement

a.    Course requirements

b.    MS Research Project

2.2. Ph.D degree requirement

a.    Current Course Requirements

b.    Old Course Requirements (2017) 

c.    PhD preliminary evaluation research project

d.    PhD comprehensive examination

e.    PhD dissertation

3.    Course offerings

4.    Financial Aid

5.    Travel Grants

6.    Contact Information

7. Useful links

a.   PITT-Student affairs

b.   PITT-Center for integrating research, teaching and learning

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