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Travel Grant Awards

Previous Travel Grant Awards: Travel Grant Awards-Dietrich

ISP students are eligible to apply for up to $750 in travel support to AI-related conferences for which they have had papers or posters accepted. Each student is eligible to receive a travel grant only once per academic year. To apply, please provide the following items to the ISP administrator at least one month before the conference:

  • Name and date of the conference
  • A copy of the acceptance letter from the conference of the paper or poster
  • A recommendation letter (e-mail is okay) from your advisor stating that he or she approves your participation in the conference

The ISP director will review your application.

If you are approved for travel funds, you will receive a letter stating the amount of funding you will be awarded. You will be reimbursed after you return from your conference trip. When you return from your trip, make sure you give that letter to the person who does the travel and business expense report so that they can send it to the ISP to have our account number and the director's signature added.

Supplemental Travel Grant Awards

If ISP has enough funding beyond our guaranteed budget, the ISP would be willing to consider student petitions for additional travel.  Potential funding activities include 1) participation in mentoring types of events such as conference doctoral consortiums, CRA grad cohors, etc., and 2) being a first author on multiple papers in a given year. To apply for a supplemental travel grant please follow the directions above.  The ISP director will review your application.  If you are approved for travel funds, you will receive a letter stating the amount of funding you will be awarded.

Three other awards available to ISP students (indeed to all SCI graduate students) are listed below. You are encouraged to apply for all of these for which you are eligible. All three of these awards require that you apply after your travel is completed.

School of Computing and Information Student Travel Awards

All School of Computing and Information graduate students are eligible for grant from SCI Travel Grants

Available to all graduate students. This award is $100 for travel within North America, and $200 for international travel, for students who present papers or posters, or the equivalent. The amounts for students not presenting are listed on the form. Application forms and instructions are available online.

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